Ascent: 13th July 2019 A serious affair – I wouldn’t want to test the critical wires […]
Ascent: 9th June 2019 NBAFT has become one of the most iconic routes in the Lakes, […]
Ascent: 12th May 2019 During my enforced ‘off period’ due to my bad elbow in winter […]
Ascent: 6th April 2019 Having spent October, November and December completely unable to climb due to […]
Ascent: 25th August 2018 I had initially looked at WTTCW following my ascent of Thy Will […]
First ascent: 11th August 2018 Dow Crag has always been one of my favourite crags in […]
First ascent: 10th April 2016 Scouring the fellside for new routes is a common pastime for […]
First ascent: 20th July 2013 I had been up to Scafell many times, but I had […]
First ascent: 21st July 2012 This was the route that really got me back engaged with […]