As with all sports, progression in climbing is about applying some level of effort to improvement. For most people this means simply climbing more (at least initially), developing a fluidity of movement that comes when you’re not having to think about each move – it just happens subconsciously. In order to extract more performance from your body you may look towards specific training – at which point the mindset becomes the weak link in most climbers armoury.

Basically if you want to get better you need to be disciplined. By this I mean mentally disciplined. If you’ve got your training plan sorted that is a fantastic step, but how many fail to implement that plan because ‘life got in the way’. I’m going to be bold with this next statement, but…. for most sports people, life gets in the way when you allow it to. FACT.

If you truly want to achieve something you will find the time to do it. The reason is that ‘something’ becomes so important that you sacrifice ‘life’ to do it. Get up earlier, go to bed later – you’ll be amazed what the body will endure when the mind tells it to.

Remember that hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard!

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