Hard Cheese E10 7a

Enjoy listening to the discussion with Franco Cookson on my 2021 route ‘Hard Cheese’ graded E10 7a in Brightbeck Cove, Langdale. 

2019 season

A short video showing highlights of my ascents of some of the hardest mountain routes in the UK.

It includes: 2 x E9’s, 4 x E8’s and 3 x E7’s.

Many thanks to my sponsors for your continued support!

Climbing in the Lake District

I have been climbing in the Lake District for over 25 years and it’s easy to forget what an incredible place it is.

For a climber, the Lake District is an adventure playground which is home to some of the most sought after climbing challenges in the UK.

But it doesn’t matter what your ability level is, as there are many ‘Classic Rock’, ‘Hard Rock’ or ‘Extreme Rock’ routes to choose from.