Ascent: 13th July 2019

A serious affair – I wouldn’t want to test the critical wires on this as the gear beneath them is very poor. The climbing however is really good, with the moves flowing nicely from one hold to the next.

In stark contrast from NBAFT the lower wall of ‘Lookin Lish’ is delicate, where footwork is really the key to success. The holds are all sloping – very much like an indoor ‘volumes’ problem – but without the soft mats. The gear is spaced and not really very good, which doesn’t help when your looking for that confidence building wire to push on from.

Although not as hard as the other routes on the wall, I though this pretty serious. The ‘two average looking wires’ referred to in the guidebook where just ‘not good’ and I felt a fall from the crux was best avoided. Above the crux the climbing maintains its excellent character with a sweeping rightwards traverse, although protected by this point with pegs.



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